Sebionex Actimat tinted cream

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Tinted moisturizer that is antibacterial and soothes redness.

Sebionex Actimat increases the moisture level of the skin, strengthens the skin barrier function and soothes redness. Its light tinted texture means that SEBIONEX Actimat instantly covers all imperfections, and unifies the complexion.

SEBIONEX Actimat combines three complementary actions in a single care product with a very pleasant non-comedogenic texture specially formulated for this type of skin.

SEBIONEX Actimat corrects imperfections through its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-oxidant action:

  • Soothing anti-inflammatory thanks to the combination of the ceramide-phytosphingosine complex, gluconolactone and 4% nicotinamide, which curbs the inflammatory component in acne and reduces the irritation caused by any associated acne treatment.
  • Antibacterial due to sodium benzoate
  • Antioxidant with vitamin E

SEBIONEX Actimat restores the skin barrier and has a long-lasting moisturising effect due to the ceramide/phytosphingosine complex (biomimetic of cutaneous ceramides) combined with 4% vitamin PP.

-The ceramide/phytosphingosine complex provides the essential constituents needed for the production of intercellular cement in the epidermis: Ceramide complex: (ceramides 1, 3 and 6), vegetal cholesterol and phytosphingosine.

Due to its multi-lamellar structure similar to that in the stratum corneum it is rapidly integrated into the intercellular cement and its constituents penetrate deeply to help the skin to regenerate.

-Vitamin PP, which plays a role in improving the barrier function. Vitamin PP stimulates the production of lipids in the stratum corneum. Lipids are mainly composed of ceramids, cholesterol, esters of cholesterol and fatty acids and form a cement that limits water loss.

Instructions for use: Use daily as a moisturizer on clean skin. Once absorber, you may use make-up.

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