Morganna’s Paracress Oil

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Morganna’s Super Concentrated Hydrating anti-aging Paracress Oil

What Is The Paracress Oil?

Our company strives to bring you the newest anti-aging products with fast results! Through our research and development, we have decided to use an Oil Intense Anti-Age. This is a highly concentrated oil with regenerative and anti-wrinkle properties to help you find all the youth of your skin! This oil creates a smoothing effect within the facial muscles to fight against wrinkles. While reorganizing the structure of the deep layers of your skin to fight against the deepest wrinkles.

Why oil?

As there is no water in the oil it leaves much room for high concentrations of active ingredients. This purified oil is highly concentrated in the Paracress Plant. We are using this highly concentrated oil to receive a glowing youthful skin. Native to South America this little plant, Paracress plant (Flower Acmella Oleracea), is known in traditional medicine for its numbing effect. Today, it is now used in anti-aging care for its smoothing and soothing action.

How Do I Apply This Product? You should begin with clean skin and then apply a few drops of oil on the face, neck, insisting on the eye area and lips. Then with dry hands make circular movements and gently pat where applied.

Does It Really Work?

After Dermatological Testing, it was revealed that the oil is 100% natural. The oil’s thin and light texture quickly and deeply penetrates the skin.

The Efficiency Tests carried out on a panel of 30 women showed very fast and incredible results: After 7 days of use, we find:

- A 39% reduction in the volume of wrinkles of the crow’s feet

- A 23% reduction in wrinkle depth of the crow’s feet

After 30 days of use:

- Firmer skin for 80% of women

- Smoothed Traits to 75% of women



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